About us

Vasilis is the owner, founder, driver and guide for Taxihire.gr.  He has been driving a taxi in Gastouni,Peloponnese, Greece for the past 25 years. He has learned every corner of his country during his travels.

Vasilis, who’s real name is Vasilios Kazakis, started working at the tender age of 12 with his father at their local family business.

When he finally became an adult,he worked as a taxi driver mainly on Ilia's Prefecture.

He has since been driving all sorts of vehicles for different companies and is a holder of every possible drivers license that is issued in Greece. He and his partner Yiannis, while off duty,either enjoy the long summer days by driving around the country in their camper van or by welcoming guests and family into their home in Gastouni.  Vasilis drives a 2012 model of a black Mercedes-Benz.

The car has 5 seats which means it can take up to 4 passengers. The car is spacious and comfortable with big windows so you won’t miss anything on the way. There’s heating and air conditioning in the back of the car so no matter what time of the year you are traveling, you will always enjoy the ride.

Fortunately we’ve been very busy lately, so occasionally we have to recruit other drivers to help us fulfill our customer’s wishes.

We have a large network of drivers that collaborate with our company.They all have great experience in long trips,while simultaneously having all the required licenses to own a cab. As a result,if we can’t take you there ourselves we make sure someone we trust does.

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